Light is energy in its purest form  .  Light emits wavelengths  that can penetrate  plants animals, humans  even “dead” mater. It can reorganize  itself   or the matter it touches  depending on the interaction.  Light can be food to plants in the process of photosynthesis  and these plants can in turn be food to us.  So in that way  it is important to the biology of life.  Without light  life on our planet cannot exist.  Certain wavelengths of light  can be teratogenic  to humans  such as UV or x-rays while others can be healing such as red and infared lights used at dermatologist offices or the lights we place jaundiced babies under at hospitals. Painting for me  must leave  the canvas.  One of my problems at art school  was that  asked me to limit myself  my medium  the painting  when I am just interested  in sculpture.  I wanted my art to interact with the viewer  and really be part of their lifes.  For me art has always been healing.  I discovered it  truly within myself  around the age of 16 after going through a difficult time  and saw that it kept me from going mad  you better express my emotions  and speak to my own strength rather than my weaknesses something modern psychology does not do.  I found that when I went to my psychiatrist  I would talk about my problems  and my issues  4 that’s why they asked me about so i would leave feeling worse than when I arrived.  They would give me medicine  which might go my emotions  but would cause  many more side effects  and I felt more dependent and more powerless.  Between my arthritis,  my ulcerative colitis my bipolar  my ADHD  and my panic attacks  I felt so out of control  and I was miserable  feeling like I was going to be  invalid for life. At one point  I decided to research  did it means  of elevating my mood  and reducing my inflammation  and I learned  about light therapy, negative ion therapy, vibration therapy, and infared heat therapy.  I began this process  early for myself  and was trying to create a meditation room  where I could regenerate  and reboot  my mind in my immune system  when I was feeling  low.  This was taking  back into my own hands  an out of   those of the doctors who I was so tired of dealing with because none of the branches of medicine  would communicate with each other  and my medication side effects have been a wreck . When I added light therapy for the room  I didn’t just want it to be functional  .  I have an artist  aesthetic  so I wanted a cohesive next to my meditation room  and balance  and it sends a composition. Its funny I learned these things from arts  and art school  but as I studied meditation  and the chakras  and eastern art and holistic medicine it all fit perfectly together.  The idea  that Feng Shoi   Directs  our chi, negative ions improve our breathing and mood, light energy improves our mood and skin, heat improves flexibility and  reduces inflammation  and all of these ideas could work together beautifully  in rooms filled with water fountains,  Himalayan salt lamp, meditation images, misters, warm patterned lights, beds which vibrate away sore muscles and help your body release toxins..  I stumbled upon  a healthy  beautifying  and  surprisingly spiritual environment. There would be no healing of my body or mind without a healing of my soul and I found in this room I could also slowly begin to reconnect myself to God, or the Chi, or the creative force of the universe. In this room I had aspects of each of the 4 elements and  I discovered  that I was creating a form of alchemy  that creativity and art and exercise and nutrition are forms of alchemy.  I discovered  that I’d the more positive things I added to my life  the more knowledge I sought out  to change my life, the more kind things I did  for myself  and to my body  the less room  there was  for me to tear myself down  or engage in mindless or destructive behavior. The healthier I became  and the more successful  which I certainly did become  be more like minded individuals I thought(sought) out  as I wanted to be around people  who inspire (in-fire)me  I even greater heights  and  the less energy I wanted to give to people who were drains on my life force. I realized it’s hard to find a readily accessible group of creative people in Dallas like there is in NYC and I wanted to exist in a creative community where I could bounce ideas off other people and we could vibrate off each other. If there are laws of karma and attraction or spirit, Chi, whatever one may call it saying that it’s possible for one person to drain another person’s life force then if individuals with right intention and respect for one another came together then we should all be able to create something much better then ourselves, which is what I want to do. If human beings could get by with less or without drugs, alcohol, pharmaceutical medicine, emotional and physical addictions we would probably feel more empowered and able to be more kind to ourselves and others. If I am able to stop a fight with my husband and sit in my room and meditate then re – approach him when I am calm it will probably be good for our relationship. So these meditation rooms may not only be good for your health, physical appearance, mood and spirituality, they may even expand to improve your relationships and Outlook on life.  When we look inward….that is all we need…we must only look inward for a new outlook.


The best way to grow in the gym and the gym zombie

Throughout my career in the gym I’ve been small and cut, big and bulky and downright out of shape. One thing I’ve noticed recently is a drive to reallypush myself beyond my limits. You see I had fallen into what I call a zombie state. We all see those people, muddling around aimlessly, doing one set and sitting on a machine for a few minutes staring into space and pondering our problems only to do one more set a few minutes later after all of the pump from the previous set has long since dissipated. You can experience this at any stage of your gym life. Lack of motivation, lack of results, lack of any hint of a spark. 

For me coming back from this took, one, admitting to myself that yes, I had become simply lazy. I was barely maintaining the muscle I had fought so long and hard to pile onto my lanky frame and growth and improvement was out of sight. Finally one day I went to work with my old friend and first training mentor. He crushed me with the simpkiest of workouts and left me nearly puking in my car on the way home. You see, what he did was to force me to see that not only was I no lonver pushing beyond my threshhold, I wasn’t even working up to my own limit. 

So here are a few things to help you break that laziness and start gaining again in the gym. 

1: realize that YOU CAN DO MORE. 

What I mean is, just because you can stop at that tenth rep of 135 bench that you didn’t move up from in the last 4 months, doesmt mean you should. When you go for weeks doing the same or similar routines without adding dificulty you will stagnate. If you are like me you just told yourself too many times that you are just happy to have made it to the gym and no that is your mode operatus. 

The fix: switch it up, do 7 sets 4 heavy 3 light and fast and high rep and intensity, grab that dude next to you staring at the floor for a spot and force yourself to go to failure and then while you are at it get some assisted reps in there. Do so many reps that the lactic acid is almost burning through your skin. Do something, anything to bring up the intensity. Remember, if it hurts your doing good, if grandma sitting on the leg extension on the other side of the gym is looking at you funny, you just had a good set, now, do it again and again, on every excercise. Stop listening to the lazy bastard in your head telling you to stop and break your limits. 

2: Fail, Fail and Fail again.

Yes its true, going to failure on every set isnt good for you. And how long have you been telling yourself that? When was the last time you actually went to failure on a set. Rediscover what failure is, then remeber that you can cheat your way past failure, with a partner, a spotter, or with a proper cheat rep or 10. Dont just take it from me, have a look at the Weider principles. Sure they are old hat, but that doesnt mean they dont work. Old Joe gave us many ways to beat the excuse machine. 

3: Change venues.

Go ahead, sign up at that new gym, go for a run in the park, get away from the place you’ve become lazy at. The feel of new eyes on you will push you to work harder, if nothing else, just so you dont embarass yourself, and who knows, you might just meet some interesting people.

Finally, let me say again, find your failure point and don’t be afraid of it. Be afraid to not know where it is. Stop being a gym zombie, break that curse and find new limits, them break those too.